Glenn Altman, aka Sweaty Brix was born on the 21st of may 1981 in London in barking hospital, on the same day of the burial of the infamous Bob Marley.

Immigrating to new Zealand at the age of 11, he became mesmerized by music, especially hip hop.
Sweaty Brix progressed further, Drawing inspiration from an early hailed allegiance to artists like mc hammer, vanilla ice, and snoop dogg.

Starting his journey through live freestyle hip hop MCing at parties during the 90s, this great adventure lead him to winning a coca cola rhythm nation competition. The progress made allowed him the chance to start working with nz hip hop royalty “DLT” to have later produced one of the biggest New Zealand hip hop tracks of the millenium.

Sweaty Brix has become one of the well-known MCs on the New Zealand scene of all types of music, including hip hop, rock, drum ‘n’ bass and house music. Don’t be surprised to look up when you hear a great MC on stage and find that it’s Sweaty Brix.