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    Built in 2017, the studio features a modern, acoustically mastered and tested design, resulting in excellent isolation and frequency control during recording.

    The equipment is capable of recording acoustic and digital instruments of all types, this studio features a range of microphones and patched inputs/outputs for up to 6 vocalists and instrumentalists and can even accommodate more digital inputs in the control room.

    Our studio engineers and producers hail from various different musical backgrounds, and are all trained highly in their niche craft, ultimately providing the artist, or client with a genre, style, and configuration-specific professional outcome, every time.


    E4 guides musical projects through every stage of the process. From initial inception to the finalized work; our team strives to support and hone the artists musical personalities.

    Working with our in-house studio engineer Haz, musical works can be recorded, produced, and mastered. Session musicians can be sourced to supplement tracks, fostering a collaborative setting. Distribution and promotion deals can be followed through with live venue performances and international bookings/tours.

    Every artist is different; though all can thrive in an environment that fosters their unique talents. Our full spectrum of management services are available to you.



    We distribute your music on numerous platforms worldwide, whether it is commercial or niche, as well as outlets for Video, Ringtones, etc.

    Make Bank

    Your tracks produce a greater amount of income than sales from downloads. Collect undocumented royalties on an international scale.


    Gain a larger audience, sell more music, increase your popularity online using a range of promotional services to grow your brand.

    Custom feels

    Projects are catered specifically to the artist to provide a uniquie experience.

    Helping to guide artists through their music career.

    • 24 Hour Distribution & Processing
    • Creative and Marketing Services
    • Licensing for Videos, Film, and Games
    • Music Sales Statistics
    • Music Sales Statistics
    • Free UPC’s & ISRC’s
    • Anti-Piracy Solutions
    • YouTube and Soundcloud Monetization

    Voice-over Recording

    Vocal Recording & Processing

    Solo Musician Recording

    Group Recording Sessions


    Single Track Mastering

    Mixing and Mastering services for single tracks

    Mixing and Mastering for a 4-track EP

    Album Mixing & Mastering


    Have a 1-minute catchy Jingle written for your business!

    Songs written for musicians

    Have your visual works musically accompanied with unique and original soundtracks

    Post-production audio work for Film and Television. Includes all-encompassing processing, visual synchronisations, sound effects and more!